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Blair Wins "Dick Litz Memorial" at Eriez Speedway



Hammett, PA
May 30, 2021

Cloud 9 Wine, Bar, and Restaurant was the sponsor for the annual 29-lap, $2900 to win Zimmer’s Service Center ULMS Dick Litz Memorial, run each year in memory of one of Eriez Speedway’s most popular drivers from the early years of the track. Litz’s number was 29, so that number is used in the length of the event as well as the prize money. He passed several years ago but will live on in fan’s memory each year this race is contested. At the end of the feature it was Max Blair again standing in Victory Lane after taking over at the front of the pack nine laps from the checkers after running side by side with early leader Colton Flinner for much of the two laps from eighteen to twenty.

The main event of the evening, the 29-lap, $2900 to win ULMS Mill Run Collision Super Late Model Dick Litz Memorial, started with Colton Flinner and Jared Miley on the front row with the first three rows set by a “Scramble” event of the top two from each heat. Heats were set by time trials with Miley, Blair, and Flinner the top three. Yellow was shown as soon as the race got to turn one when Greg Oakes, Jon Lee, and Khole Wanzer got together. All were able to continue but a complete restart was needed. At the end of one lap of green it was Flinner leading Miley, Blair, Tyler Thompson, and Dave Hess. When the rear of the field got to turn one Wanzer again spun. A lap later it was Chad Wright spinning on the back stretch. The next green was immediately followed by yellow as Lee and Mike Smith wrecked.

At lap five yellow again was shown, this time for the slow moving car of Matt Lux, who had lost power and came to a stop on turn one. At six laps it was still Flinner over now Blair, Michael Norris, Mike Knight, and Hess when Miley spun coming out of turn four. After green Wyatt Scott got to fifth on the back straight and was alongside Hess at the end of the lap. Deshawn Gingerich spun into the infield at lap thirteen but was far enough off the racing surface that caution wasn’t necessary. Lapping of the back markers commenced just past halfway, at lap fifteen with the front five still the same. At lap eighteen Blair was challenging Flinner for the lead on the back straight when Knight spun in turn four. Again at lap twenty the leaders were side by side on the back side with Blair pulling out to the front by the time they reached the stripe. With nine laps remaining it was now Blair leading Flinner, Hess, Norris, and Scott. Hess was second at twenty-three laps with Norris third at lap twenty-four. Gingerich again spun, this time in turn three at twenty-five circuits complete. The rest of the race ran smooth with Blair picking up the win, followed by Hess, Norris, Scott, and Flinner.

Integra Shocks Time Trials: Jared Miley, Max Blair, Colten Flinner, rest not available

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Scramble: Colton Flinner, Jared Miley, Tyler Thompson, Max Blair, Mike Knight, Dave Hess

Zimmer’s Service Center Heat 1: Mike Knight, Jared Miley, Michael Norris, Wyatt Scott, Darrell Bossard, Deshawn Gingerich, Cody Egner, Steve Kania, Jason Genco

Close Racing Supply Heat 2: Max Blair, Dave Hess, Chris Hackett, Greg Oakes, Chad Wright, Andy Boozel, Kyle Bedell. Jon Lee, Mike Smith

Hoosier Racing Tire Heat 3: Colton Flinner, Tyler Thompson, Bump Hedman, Matt Lux, Ryan Scott, Levi Yetter, Khole Wanzer, Easton Hedman

Feature: Max Blair, Dave Hess, Michael Norris, Wyatt Scott, Colton Flinner, Greg Oakes, Jared Miley, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Chris Hackett, Tyler Thompson, Ryan Scott, Jason Genco, Kyle Bedell, Chad Wright, Levi Yetter, Khole Wanzer, Deshawn Gingerich, Mike Knight, Cody Egner, Easton Hedman, Matt lux, Jon Lee, Mike Smith, Andy Boozel, Steve Kania (DNS)



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