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Rob Blair started his racing career at the age of 14 and over the years, his commitment to racing and driving ability have won him numerous racing titles and awards. Since 1996, his rookie season in the late model division, Rob has won over 180 races, including 43 sanctioned events. Rob has also accumulated 4 series championships, and 9 track championships to add to his resume since his rookie year in a dirt late model.

Max Blair started his racing career in 2005 at the age of 14. After going winless in his rookie year behind the wheel of a dirt car, Max has accumulated an impressive 75 wins. To add to his win total, Max has also won 17 championships, including three FASTRAK Northeast Regional Series titles, and three FASTRAK National Weekly Series titles.

Over the past several years, Rob and Max began helping other regional/local racers with fabrication, repairs, parts, replacements, scaling & setup, etc. With their continued success on the track, the demand for services increased over the past winter. As a result, Rob and Max decided it was time to take their knowledge of dirt racing to the next level.... In January of 2012, Team Blair Racing was formed.

With 34 years of combined experience, Team Blair Racing is determined to continue to set a new standard in dirt car racing by providing high quality work at an affordable price.

Our goal is to enhance every TBR driver's perfomance on and off the track with consistant championship results. Whether you need fabrication work, setup & scaling services, replacement parts, or repares, Team Blair Racing has what you need.

For more information about Team Blair Racing, and how they can help your racing program, please contact Rob or Max at (814) 827-7974 or (814) 673-6596.



What the Drivers are Saying About TBR

Chad Wright - FASTRAK Dirt Late Model
"The way Team Blair Racing has helped my racing program can be described in one word and that's fast. They've taken my program to a whole new level. With Rob and Max's experience, not only did I get mentored, but they put the car in the right direction by showing the right way to set the car up. Not second guessing yourself and not over complicating set ups keeps things simple. They also made a facelift to the body program. My equipment looks immaculate. I have the upmost respect for the entire Blair family, and I will continue to be part of Team Blair Racing for years to come."

Bobby Rohrer - FASTRAK Dirt Late Model
"I started working with Rob and Max towards the end of the 2011 racing season. With the help they provided, I noticed an immeditate increase in the performace of my car. Over the winter I decided to take my car to Team Blair Racing. They put my car together from the ground up, scaled the car, setup the car, built the body and interior. Their workmanship is second to none. I highly recommend Team Blair Racing."

Damian Bidwell - FASTRAK Dirt Late Model
"Team Blair Racing has helped my racing program substantially over the past few years. Rob and Max are two of the nicest guys around that will drop anything to help you out when needed! If you have a rocket then they are the place to go to for any of your needs. Both Max and Rob's racing accomplishments prove that! If you look at all the TBR cars you will see how much effort they put into them from the body's to the decals! MWB has some of the sweetest looking cars in the pits. Can't wait to continue on being a part of TBR in the future!"

Will Thomas - FASTRAK Dirt Late Model
“Early on when I started considering the switch from Pavement to Dirt, I was introduced to Max and Rob. When you first meet Rob you would never know he has won almost everything there is to win on dirt around our region due to his humble and unassuming personality. But don’t let that fool ya. His vast knowledge of the cars combined with his hard work ethic is the backbone of TBR. Both he and Max have not only won tons of races, but they are willing to help racers however they can. Not only will they go through your car and set it up, they will teach you about it making you a better racer overall. TBR greatly helped me reduce the learning curve associated with the switch from Pavement to Dirt. Today 4 tires cost over 600 dollars and last a couple weeks...knowledge lasts a lifetime. What is that worth to you?"

Bobby Whitling - FASTRAK Dirt Late Model
"I have known Rob for 20 plus years and Max since he was a infant. Rob has built a couple cars for me in the early stages of my career, along with doing some other things for me along the way. Rob has also answered a lot of questions throughout the years and always steered me in the right direction. When it comes to fabrication Rob is second to none. You will always be pleased with the outcome of his work! His knowledge of late models is superior and he will help you if he can."

If you have worked with Rob and Max, and would like to provide feedback that can be added to the site, please e-mail feedback to


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